10 Must Read Organizer Blogs for a Clutter-Free 2016

by Allie Johnson on

If your New Year’s resolution is to conquer the chaos, clutter and unfinished tasks around your home, then look no further than these 10 blogs for help.

These blogs, all maintained by professional organizers, offer countless tips and tricks for minimizing messes around your home. Many post photos of finished projects and offer printable guides so you can easily follow their advice at home.

Here are 10 top blogs written by organizing pros that can help you sort, organize and beautify your space:

Organize 365

If paperwork clutter is a major problem for you, the Organize 365 blog by Lisa Woodruff blog offers practical solutions. Try Woodruff’s Sunday Basket strategy, using a medium-sized basket with folders in it to corral paper, which you sort through every Sunday. If you need a total overhaul, Organize 365 offers a 40-week whole house organizational challenge.

Mary Organizes

At Mary Organizes, professional organizer and mom of four Mary Johanson offers lots of colorful, free, printable (and pinnable, if you’re a Pinterest fan) checklists, guides and monthly calendars that will help you run your busy home and life – especially if you have kids. She focuses not just on creating pretty spaces, but on how processes and physical objects intersect. For example, she has a great post on the easiest way to do children’s laundry where she suggests teaching kids to put their dirty clothes in their hampers as soon as they can walk.

Managing Modern Life Organizing Blog

The Managing Modern Life Organizing Blog, from Metropolitan Organizing’s Geralin Thomas, is perfect for busy people who want easy-to-find organizing info in bite-sized chunks. The blog is organized for easy scrolling through 30 categories including: cleaning, college and dorm living, crafts and holidays, decorating, mindfulness, time management and travel. In her 31 Days of Organizing series, Thomas offers a month’s worth of daily “tiny tasks” that many of us never get to.

Chaos to Order

On the Chaos to Order blog, company founder and president Monica Friel offers an array of smart, timely organizing and household management tips. She reminds you to clean out your fridge before the holidays and offers tips on how to do it, she nudges you to donate your Halloween costume to charity before the trick-or-treat candy is even gone and reminds you to clear expired meds out of your medicine cabinet on National Prescription Take Back Day.

My Blissful Space

If you want the organizing blogs you read to be as pretty, fresh and colorful as the space you hope to create, then spend some time at My Blissful Space. Crystal Sixta has created an online haven for crafty types who aspire to have a Pinterest-worthy home. She offers lots of colorful photos and DIY projects like rope baskets, a colorful menu board with meal cards, and a kids’ chore chart. If you have the time, energy and inclination to declutter, organize and make cool crafts, you’ll love this blog.

A Personal Organizer

A Personal Organizer, by Helena Alkhas, helps you “get organized while your coffee is brewing.” If you’re fascinated with not just organizing, but feng shui and personal style, you’ll enjoy A Personal Organizer. The blog changes with the seasons, with posts about how to get your home feng shui ready for fall (tips: hang metal wind chimes and decorate with white or metallic paints) or how to organize your closet using a capsule wardrobeconcept, in which you wear a small number of items that can be mixed and matched.

Organizing Maniacs

If you’re an organizing junkie who can’t get enough info about how to organize your house, your office and even your brain, check out theOrganizing Maniacs blog. It features the Organizing Maniacs book club, which recently read “Brain Rules” by John Medina, a “deep dive” into the workings of the brain and how to apply that knowledge to increase productivity. The blog also offers pointers on where and how you can recycle common household items like water filters, CDs and even wine corks.

Time to Organize

On the Time to Organize blog, Sara Pedersen combines creativity with a practical, commonsense approach to organizing. One post, for example, outlines 10 organizing hacks that actually work, such as: installing tension rods as drawer dividers to separate cutting boards, mounting measuring cups on the insides of kitchen cupboard doors and using aluminum pop can tabs to attach hangers and expand your closet space. Pedersen goes beyond organizing with posts on topics like entertaining bored kids and doing good in your community.

Refined Rooms

The Refined Rooms blog, by Natalie Gallagher tackles clutter in both the physical and digital realms. She recently offered a 10-week digital photo organizing challenge that might inspire you to finally back up those photos, delete duplicates and even add tags so you can find and sort pictures more easily. She also shares inexpensive kitchen organizing products she loves and her secret method for finally getting overwhelming projects done. (Hint: it involves color-coded Post-It notes.)

Best Results Organizing

On her blog Paper Doll, Julie Bestry, of Best Results Organizing, offers long, detailed posts on topics many other organizers don’t tackle. For example, she’s posted a guide to staying productive while working at home by respecting yourself and your time, as well as one on using organizing skills to get your novel written during National Novel Writing Month. She also offers glimpses into her own personal (organizing) life, such as a post on how she tackled cleaning out the office of her dad, a retired judge.

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