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Paying for relocation

ANDY BOWEN MARCH 9, 2018    Moving is one of the most stressful life events you can endure — especially if you aren’t confident you can afford it. Whether you’re moving for a new job or personal reasons, there are

5 Surefire Cures For The Spring Cleaning Blues

by Stacy Erickson on April 3, 2017 2 Comments We all love spring. After months of having to spend time inside, spring brings the sun back. After months of looking at bare trees and soggy grass, greenery and flowers emerge again, giving people

How to Move a Flat Screen TV

by Liz Wolf on June 20, 2017 0 Comments When it comes to moving day, one of the toughest items to pack and move has got to be that large flat-screen TV. They’re obviously valuable, a bit awkward to move because of their

10 Things You Need to Find After You Move

by Deb Hipp on June 29, 2017 0 Comments Remember how long it took to find a good hair stylist in your last town? And what about that crazy dog sitter who painted your pooch’s nails purple while you were on vacation? When

Three Rooms to Unpack First in Your New Home

by Deb Hipp on August 21, 2017 After the movers drive away from your new home and you’re perched on a pile of moving boxes, you’ll face a tough decision: What should I unpack first? A recent SpareFoot survey asked people which rooms they’d unpack

Green Updates to Look For In a Home in 2017

by Lauren Pezullo on June 30, 2017 This is the year of big inventions, big style, and big changes in the way we see green living. Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for conscience or style for scruples. Here are five eco-conscious

How We’ll Move in 2016: The Future of Moving

by Jennifer Gregory on December 7, 2015  This post was originally published on the SpareFoot Blog   The moving industry is changing before our eyes. It seems like almost every day we are hearing about new start-ups that offer easier, cheaper and

After Hello Kitty Goes Rogue, Where Is She Stored?

by Jenny Zhang on November 7, 2012   This post was originally published on the SpareFoot Blog   Halloween has passed and your body is nursing a hardcore candy hangover, but don’t slack off now: It’s time to start training your stomach

Tips For Using Self-Storage Facilities During The Winter

by Keith on November 4, 2010   This post was originally published on the SpareFoot Blog   Using self-storage facilities in the winter can help free up space in your home and garage while keeping items you don’t use all year long

Storing B.O.A.T.S. (Based On A True Storage) For Winter, Especially Kayaks & Canoes

by Zachary Chetchevat on November 14, 2012  This post was originally published on the SpareFoot Blog If you own a boat, congratulations! Whether it is a canoe, kayak or pontoon, you are the owner of a small personal watercraft, and therefore awesome.