6 Things You Can Fit Into a Typical Storage Unit

by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]  This post was originally published on the SpareFoot Blog

Self-storage is available in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to assess what size unit you need, it can be hard to visualize your belongings in the space. Nonetheless, based on the common self-storage unit size of 100 square feet (10×10), we were able to figure out six things that you could fit into that unit.

rolling stones

1. Rolling Stones Jam Session
Believe it or not, band practice is a popular use for storage units. Some storage companies even have special clauses allowing bands to jam out in their facilities. You get great acoustics, electrical hookups, temperature control (definitely better than a garage) and, best of all, isolation. So theoretically, you could invite Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie over to start the party up.

cocktail party

2. A (Very Cozy) 15-Person Cocktail Party
Be sure you really like the people you invite to a cocktail party in a 10×10 unit. For a stand-up cocktail party, 5 to 6 square feet per guest seems to be the norm.

reeses peanut butter cups

3. 1,875 Pounds of Halloween Candy
If you have a deep aversion to sharing your pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you could use self-storage to hide the biggest stash of Halloween candy known to costumed man, woman or child. (You’ll just have to trust us on the calculations.)

half car

4. Half a Car (or a Whole Mini-Car)
It’s true: You can fit an itty-bitty space-efficient car inside a standard storage unit. Or half of a “normal” car. And if you’ve got half a car sitting around, we really want to know why.

living room furniture

5. A Set of Living Room Furniture
Now it’s time for a practical measurement. The space in self-storage units often is described in terms of how many household items you can store. This very easily can include a whole suite of living room furniture, probably with a bit of room to spare.


6. 7,780.5 Gallons of Kool-Aid
Why you would need more than 7,000 gallons of this fruity drink is a mystery, but if you need a place to store it, you can certainly count on your average storage unit. Oh, yeaahh!

Some photos courtesy of rollingstones.com, bigjonpcgames.net, ‪fantendo.wikia.com